Parable Of A Messy Election Season In Bauchi

By Sanusi Muhammad
The election season is at its peak all over the landscape. To some, it is a season for deceit, trading in falsehood, extortion and diversion of campaign funds meant for victory, while to some it is the season to prove loyalty, sincerity, support and expertise to those they admire in contest. The battle line has already been drawn between the active contesting and even the idle smaller parties.

Friends have suddenly become bitter enemies overnight, while known enemies are shaking hands publicly – for now. This is the season when the idea of madness can itself be maddening.
The usual traditional Bauchi godfathers have since resumed their devilish work. Unpatriotic alliances are ever changing like shifting sands all targeted to unseat the serving governor for selfish and parochial interest. While the masses suffering, from poverty, unemployment, insecurity, epileptic power supply, lack access to clean and safe water are being mobilized to fight the godfathers’ battle, the real men with the chess boards are behind the scenes determining their fate to water selfish interest.In our own part of the world, the old guards do not retire for greed and ostentatious living at public expense, but instead assume the positions of ‘powerful power brokers’ that lack political base.

Their character hit men are already at work for selfish interest – slandering and defaming the stewardship of Governor M.A Abubakar, whom they perceive as an albatross to their selfish interest. Their spin doctors and con artists are busy transforming the sane electorates into becoming lunatics and fanatics on social media. They’ve created their alternative reality – where white becomes black, night becomes day, up becomes down, and good becomes bad, and vice versa. They will tell anyone that has an ear for them that all is well in politics.

They package personal interest to make them look like state interest. They are willing to sacrifice the last person standing to satisfy their selfish desires. Surely, their greed and lust knows no bound.

They beg for votes in Greek and Latin. They shed crocodile tears to deceive and confuse the masses. The same masses they will later abandon without accessible roads, schools, hospitals or even affordable shelter.Although their children enjoy decent livelihood, they recruit children of the same masses as their thugs for an inordinate ambition to ruin the state if trusted with power.

Those thugs are used in snatching ballot boxes and spread of terror and sorrow. They’ve turned them into uncontrollable monsters that can kidnap, kill and maim their fellow brothers and sisters.

As the election season unfolds and the debate gets louder in the streets, buses, taxis, places of worship, markets and canteens, our dear politicians in opposition, the so called godfathers : why don’t you actualize anything good at least for once as a departing legacy? Why don’t you wipe away the tears you’ve caused others to shed over the years only your target Governor M.A Abubakar is steadily wiping? Why don’t you mend the hearts you broke over the years, the friends you’ve separated, and the careers you’ve ruined?

The people of Bauchi State deserve quality and decent livelihood as Governor M.A Abubakar is battling to provide. He is providing the necessary infrastructure, social service, rural water supply, accessible healthcare and improved education among others. We know some of you know the problems and may proffer their solutions: so it will be better you stop pretending and embarking on a wild goose chase of unseating the performing governor and embrace the change mantra to cause some meaningful developments- instead of harping on the ignorance and blind loyalty of the people to create hatred against their leader M.A Abubakar unjustifiably. A famous Zulu saying says, “Don’t insult the midwife if you still want to give birth”. 2019 may not be the end of gubernatorial contest in Bauchi State and Barr. M.A Abubakar may still be relevant in Bauchi politics after his tenure. After all, who knows who is next to be, the governor after the exit of M.A Abubakar in 2023?

It may be one of you, my humble self or any of your children. A stitch in time saves nine. Bauchi State deserves unity and direction, not hate speech and hatred laced with greed.

Muhammad is a Media Consultant to Governor M.A Abubakar

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