Sudanese military sacks Omar al-Bashir after months of protests

After months of protests across Sudan, President Omar al-Bashir has been forced out of power in a military coup.

The ousted president ruled Sudan for 30 years after seizing power in a coup in 1989.

He is accused of war crimes and genocide for his brutal crackdown in Darfur.

Bashir was removed after months of anti-regime protests, with the military abandoning him and siding with those seeking his downfall.

In a televised statement, the army announced a two-year military council to oversee a transition of power and declared a three-month state of emergency.

Activists have demanded the military hand over power to a civilian government as soon as possible.

Scenes of celebration outside Sudan’s military headquarters
Crowds converged outside Sudan’s military headquarters in central Khartoum on Thursday to hail news of President Omar al-Bashir’s removal.

The scene was one of jubilation, with protesters and members of the armed forces cheering amid celebratory gunfire.

Sudan military declares state of emergency
Here’s more from the statement by Sudan’s Minister of Defense, Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf.

He confirmed that President Omar al-Bashir had been forced from power and his government dissolved after months of demonstrations calling for his ouster.

A two-year military council has been established to oversee a transition of power, ending Bashir’s three decades of rule.

The defense minister said that Bashir had been forcibly removed and was now being “kept at a safe place.”

A three-month state of emergency has been declared, and a curfew from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. imposed. Ports and medical facilities will be secured.

Sudan’s cabinet, its National Assembly and municipal bodies have been dissolved, and the country’s constitution suspended, Ibn Auf said.

The judiciary, public prosecution, embassies and diplomatic entities will continue to function as normal.

All political prisoners, detained by the country’s security services since a wave of anti-government demonstrations first gripped the nation in December will be released, the defense minister added

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