Press Statement: Re:Recruitment of Workers by BASG

Following several inquiries by the press,the attention of the Bauchi State Government has been drawn to what it considers unfounded concerns of key spokesmen of gov-elect ,Senator Bala Mohammed.

Towards the tail end of last week,these spokesmen went to town with the story that the out going government of MA Abubakar is deliberately bloating the state labour force by recruiting more personnel at the eleventh hour. They inferred that the government of the day is deliberately doing that as a trap for the in coming goverment. This is a misrepresentation.What they confused as recruitment is the internal transfer of personnel within the existing labour force to meet the accreditation requirements in tertiary institutions of the state. Among the institutions affected are: 1.College of Legal Studies,Misau 2.College of Education, Azare 3.College of Education,Kangere 4.Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, Bauchi and 5.College of Agriculture, Bauchi. Similarly, the appointment of casual workers in the treasury division and Bauchi


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