The political class in Benue State has been blamed for deliberate alienation of Idoma people with a view to depriving them political participation, political inequality and respect for the rule of law against their fundamental human rights,

According to a press statement signed by Honourable Prince Emmanuel Idakwo, “power should shift to Idoma people of Benue State in 2023, because we have been deprived political participation for decades.”

“This is necessary, because, good democratic governance involves the acquiescence of the minority in the decision of the majority, and if either of them presses its demands at the expense of the other it becomes difficult for good democratic governance to work.”Idakwo said

”Popular participation in decision making process based on political and social pluralism and on freedom of association and expression is a fundamental characteristic of good governance and the good people of Benue State must not be distnced from it.” Idakwo declared.

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