2019: Bauchi Media Consultant Accepts Pate’s Invitation For Debate

A Media Consultant to Bauchi State Governor, Sanusi Muhammad, has accepted the invitation for a televised public debate extended to Bauchi State Governor by Bauchi State People’s Redemption Party, PRP 2019 gubernatorial candidate, Prof. Ali Pate.

In a Press Release made available to this medium, Muhammad said: “the challenges thrown by Prof. Ali Pate against the purposeful administration of Governor M.A Abubakar of Bauchi State are baseless and only intended to score cheap political goal by a drowning political neophyte that lacks direction

“Prof. Pate has overtime shown his desperation to govern Bauchi State without a political base to realize his tall ambition. For the 2015 gubernatorial contest, he made a fruitless attempt to fly the flag of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP but the effort ended in his un-kept campaign secretariat

“After an unsuccessful attempt, out of frustration and desperation, he immediately defected to All Progressives Congress, APC to nurture his tall ambition. He erroneously rated himself as a politician of any substance to have attempted to fly the flag of APC in the concluded September 3, 2018 party gubernatorial primary election that he suffered a humiliating defeat before he hurriedly and shamelessly defected to PRP where the goal post was empty”.

Muhammad added that the challenges thrown by Prof. Pate exposed his crass ignorance of the reality on the ground in the state he desperately wants to govern, saying, “Prof. Pate is a drowning political novice that believes in illusion. He has nothing tangible to offer to the development of Bauchi state in positive service other than to waste public resources on the deliverance of academic papers at wherever he may be invited

“Let Prof. Pate first, give a public account of his stewardship and contribution to the development of Bauchi State as a onetime executive secretary of Primary Health Care Development Agency (PHCDA) and as Minister of State for Health

“Prof. Pate should stop living in a world of illusion to face reality than remaining masquerading as a politician in desperation to ruin Bauchi State”.

The Media Consultant opined that from the list of the 2019 Bauchi State gubernatorial candidates, non has the capacity, experience, zeal, tolerance and determination of the incumbent, Muhammed.A Abubakar to transform the state, “the other candidates are in the race for selfish interest, recognition and noise making to possibly catapult them for patronage by the APC if it forms the next government in 2019” he said.  

Muhammad appealed to Governor M.A Abubakar to continue to ignore the antics of those busy-bodies that are confused on accessing where they came from and where to go”.

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