We Will Continue To Make Life Better For Nigerians, Buhari Declares At Bauchi Rally

President Muhammadu Buhari has reiterated that his administration if reelected in the 2019 general elections, will continue to make life easier for all Nigerians without looking back.The President while speaking in Bauchi on Saturday during the campaign flag-off of the gubernatorial election in the state added that as promised in 2014, his administration will continue the fight against corruption and insecurity in the country.While making reference to the 1983 coup that terminated the life of the second republic, Muhammadu Buhari explained that at the end of the day his actions were vindicated explaining that it was that vindication that prompted him to seek political power after leaving the army.The President then called on the people of Bauchi state to ensure that they voted for the APC candidates in the 2019 general elections to enable the party to complete all ongoing people-oriented developmental projects and programs across the country.While speaking, the National Chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole  said that the fundamental issues of the campaign is the pronouncements by the PDP presidential candidate to sell the NNPC just as they sold out NITEL, NEPA, Nigerian Airways and other government agencies saying that the people should resist that move by not voting for them.On the claim that the APC is accommodating all corrupt politicians into its fold so that they will escape prosecution in the fighting against corruption, the APC National Chairman declared that, “no individual is bigger than the state, anyone indict for corruption will be made to face the weather of the law no matter his or her status”.Adams Oshiomhole declared that “with what I have seen here today, the APC has already won the general elections. I am therefore calling on you to ensure that you voted for all of the candidates of the APC from top to down during the general elections “.In his speech, immediate former Governor of Bauchi State, Isa Yuguda begged for forgiveness from President Muhammadu Buhari for what he described as “mistakes of the past” done to the President during the electioneering campaign of 2014 when his administration denied the APC the use of the Abubakar Tafawa-Balewa Stadium.He further said that “as the Chairman of Federation Allocation Committee then, the then Minister of Finance told me that the economy of the country was in a terrible position and that was how we left the country in 2015”.Isa Yuguda then assured the President that “now that we are back into the APC fold, we will work assiduously to ensure that the APC won the 2019 elections in a landslide manner even much more than it got in 2015”.On his own, the former National Chairman (North) of the PDP, Babayo Garba Gamawa assured the President he and his supporters will work for the reelection bid of the President adding that all the candidates of the APC will win convincingly.Bauchi State Governor, Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar spoke on the need for the electorates in the state to ensure that they voted massively for the APC candidates in the general elections. He urged the people of the state not to be deceived by the antics of the opposition PDP declaring that “they are planning to even sell our common palimony the NNPC in order to enrich themselves.The campaign Director General of the APC, Rotimi Amaechi while speaking explained that the APC has done tremendously well in the last three years having completed most of the projects abandoned by the PDP administration in its 16 years of leadership without even borrowing money from anywhere.Also speaking at the occasion, Jigawa State Governor, Badaru Abubakar extolled the good leadership quality of President Muhammadu Buhari saying that many people-oriented developmental projects and programs have been completed by the APC led Federal Government in the areas of roads, electricity supply, agriculture and other things.He then called on the people of Bauchi state to ensure that they voted for the APC candidates from bottom to the top during the general elections so that Nigeria will be better.Rotimi Amaechi added that the APC is the only political party that is totally committed to the revamping of the battered situation of the country and therefore needs the total support of Nigerians to be able to reform the country system.During the campaign flagging off, eighteen prominent politicians from Bauchi state including two former Governors, Isa Yuguda and Ahmed Adamu Muazu, immediate former National Chairman (North) of the PDP, Babayo Garba Gamawa, former SGF, Mahmoud Yayale Ahmed and many others formally defect to APC.

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