M.A Abubakar Fighting Sad And Unpleasant Days Before General Elections


By Sanusi Muhammad

Perhaps soothsayers and versed politicians within Bauchi State can taste and smell the sad auguries, unpleasant portents of our next general elections commencing in February. But how much of what those soothsayers see and hear puts the citizens in an upbeat mood for the heraldry of a new dawn?

How endless are the known and suspected machinations to wrest power for the sake of looting the treasury blind by opposition parties now fighting to unseat the Almighty’s anointed leader?

How many can count the thread of fake news rolling out from nebulous mills of sadistic opposition within and without? Are those in blind opposition to the leadership of M.A Abubakar considering the future we want for ourselves and our children and the even development of the State they jostle to govern?

In few days from now, the privileged few clowns and jobbers in support of opposition would be having an over-stressed mental calculation of the millions of crisp notes they stand to harvest from the events leading to the general elections.

It is in such period that humongous funds, in different denominations are used to oil the machinery called electioneering campaign normally flow into the system and to the wrong hands that later overheat the polity to near violence.

Nobody cares where the money comes from as long as the crumbs fall in the hands of those in the lower rungs of a societal ladder that is eternally capitalistic in form and content. While those that hovered around the corridors of opposition candidates cart away theirs in millions of foreign currencies, those on the fringes who simply refused to deploy the power of the thumb sensibly are always delighted to bargain off their future for pittance, sometimes as low as a N1000.00 note stuffed in a loaf of bread, sachet of expired detergent and salt.

It can even be worse because they are those who can kill, maim and hug suicidal missions with sheer gusto, just for their unmarketable candidates to emerge winners through whatever means, including electoral heist. In those days, it was common to hear opposition supporters expressing optimism that money would soon be pumped into the system as the general elections draw closer. The collateral damage is that governance to opposition should always take a backseat while crude politicking, the meanest of its kind, would flourish with its attendant dire consequences.

In less than 40 days from now, we shall go to the polls and the desperate opposition parties, particularly the behemoth called PDP dreams of a forceful return of Governor M.A Abubakar to his legal practice after an electoral ‘rigging’, nothing seems to suggest that opposition taps have been opened for the funds to pour freely as it was during the party’s primary elections. We all know that Governor M.A Abubakar has never been one that freely dishes out money to soften the ground for electoral victory no matter the challenges.

The recent defection of several opposition juggernauts and heavyweights to the APC in Bauchi State seems to have silenced dissent voices in the PDP camp being a party that was adept at deploying public funds to achieve its set target. But for its fall from power in 2015, we wouldn’t know that PDP was raiding the State’s vault to fund political interest as an official policy of some sort that M.A Abubakar hurriedly abolished and kept a long distance from such malfeasance. In those dark days of the PDP misrule, nobody reasoned anything wrong with political appointees pulling off millions of naira from the State’s pitiful treasury to cream hands of corrupt electoral and security officers to access victory for their principals. I guess, it was also normal, as many of the culprits have argued, for these persons to walk briskly into the Office of the State Accountant-General or Permanent Secretary Security and cart away millions of naira ostensibly to be used in fixing one electoral problem or the other.

While some said the naira came in as payment for consultancy assignments, others said they ‘used’ the money to fund the activities of selected prayer warriors who were engaged from far and wide to beseech the gods for the conduct of peaceful elections. And if you think this is preposterous, how would you react to the tendentious reason given by those that said they never knew the money was fleeced from public funds meant for the provision of essential services to the people?

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