By Sanusi Muhammad

When insanity and desperation take the centre stage, clowns and rogues celebrate trumpeting their feelings public on the stewardship of Governor M.A Abubakar, little did they know that the targeted audience so much hate to join issues with them for mistaken equalization but are reacting decently albeit patriotically.

The intention is not to operate on same page with the clowns. Although one can neither be surprise, nor moved by the negative reactions of a select few sycophants, supposedly confused and wretched in desperation.

Their reactions had exposed their mindset on the achievements of the doyen of Bauchi politics who has out of patriotism and the crude and primitive brands of frustrations he went through from those that betrayed his trust and planned his political downfall to defect from the party he co-founded and nurtured to acceptability.

There is no gainsaying that Bauchi state is thrown into the quagmire of extricating itself from the maniac stranglehold of demented political power mongers and their half-educated parasites who have turned the state into a political mine field for public funds to flow and water their insatiable quest to possibly remain in power beyond 2019, albeit criminally.

If there is any doubt that these elements would retrace their self destruct mission to ignite an upheaval that may consume the state to satisfy their debilitating deranged quest to remain in power their leadership style of insults and challenges thrown by their apologists, to our inalienable right to express our opinion targeted at ridiculing Bauchi state respected leaders would have, put any doubt to rest.

The governor’s ‘offence’ to the urchins is that he is performing within the financial capacity of the government and his efforts praised and felt as an illustrious son of the state. M.A Abubakar has shown tremendous sympathy and concern to the progress of his ancestral home, answered the clarion call of the deprived people of the state across party, tribal and religious divides and openly disagrees with corrupt practices to flourish. The government has within three years received accolades for good performance within receipted funds.

Although, leaders of his detractors cannot be said to have educational deficiency and exposure that are necessary ingredients for sound leadership, their style of opposition enslaves and retards the progress of the state, the democracy and good governance which we MUST as a bond to the people say. Since their mischievous opposition started, it has evidently failed to usher-in any tangible development to the state other than retrogression and return of political hooliganism and vandalism. What the public read, watch and hear from them are folktales from their imaginations.

They have through insincerity, inexperience and greed, personalized politics to mean enriching family and friends as well as settling imaginary scores at the detriment of good governance.

While their peers in other states are supporting their governors with passion, they chose the path of dishonor to meddle into less important issues to the progress of the state and creating hatred to the Buhari presidency. Nigerians are painfully watching the dangerous antics of those neophytes who have arrogated to themselves a questionable holier-than-thou posture, calling to the question and ridicule the integrity of their targets based on wild, unsubstantiated and reckless ignorance and generally pandering to the whims and caprices of their paymaster in a diabolical desire to libelously slander them to drag others into their imaginable fight to overshadow those at the helm of affairs at the struggle for a better Bauchi state.

Many were mistaken as rather than see reason and take the path of honor to put a stop to their stupid and dangerous hallucination; the busybodies, having sensed danger and watching their evil plans up in smoke, took their infamy to a very ridiculous level of blackmail.

The low characters have gone haywire with a tinge of insomnia and desperation in their riot squad to further malign Governor M.A Abubakar and a cross section of Bauchi State elders, political gladiators, religious and community leaders. They are ending up cutting the pitiable picture of nonentities who fail to justify a mistaken mandate.

They have left no one in doubt that they are on a character assassination mission on behalf of their like minds that are watching their house of lies and deceit crumbling. If not, why is their boss always caged by security personnel at most public functions including burials and prayer grounds like a wanted suspect? Does that portray him as the desirable and a performer that he claims?

The apologists and their master of mischief that respects neither, religious nor traditional leaders and elders should realize the maxim that says those who want to come to equity must do so with clean hands. They have religiously made it a duty to dent the change mantra philosophy by opposing the efforts of government with lies and deceit. If not, why all the unnecessary bashings and mischief?

The parochial liars are indeed tactless, hypocritical and murderous. Or else how can one situate the madness to twist facts and severally attack the person of an adorned politician and number 1 citizen of Bauchi State and a strong pillar of the ruling party in the North-East who labored to establish and stabilize the APC when riff-raffs were in their caves sourcing for what to feast on? Unfolding events show that it has become the bout of the angst of the characters.

A check on those miscreants defending the un-defendable shows that those who in one way or the other had cause to interact with them, are in regret, especially those who supported them to political victory.

As an illustrious son on a rescue mission M.A Abubakar has all along avoided joining issues with clowns and their masters for the good of the polity and peace of the state.

His silence has infuriated the apologists to launch persistent spurious attacks on anyone that sticks to decency. Those against the stewardship of M.A Abubakar are at liberty to fight him endlessly including childish attacks on the innocent. Gansgterism, media attacks, threats of arrest, detention on innocent persons cannot discourage the governor and his teaming supporters from his project of salvation.

In their style of courting trouble, they started with APC members who exposed their weaknesses and greed. Not satisfied, they descended on the governor who gave them nuisance value and next may be the electorates in a bout to cover glaring greed and desperation.

What the sponsor and his hunger-stricken loyalists, love doing is throwing the polity into confusion to disrupt the peace of the state, only to seek reconciliation nocturnally typical of hypocrites. We are stakeholders in the progress and peaceful existence of Bauchi State and we have vowed to remain steadfast until we consign the butchers butchering the state to the dust bin of history in 2019. M.A Abubakar, now in a safer environment should continue to ignore any threat of intimidation by maintaining silence and serving steadily with passion.

Finally, being responsible and creditable indigenes of Bauchi state, we shall not reply any garbage from any clown knowing the usual hand behind the treachery.

That notwithstanding, before we start our own with documents of proof, the apologists should know that throughout his years in public and private service, M.A Abubakar’s integrity and credibility has never been doubted. He had never been a guest of any anti-corruption organ of government and shall not be. Let their sponsor equally say so. M.A Abubakar has never been threatened by a living style or in a class struggle to push to crime. He is an accomplished person that can never depend on public resources for a living. AsM.A Abubakar’s loyalists, we can be called spent horses, deadwoods etc, but we love the state better.

Muhammad is a Media Consultant to Governor M.A Abubakar                                          

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