Media Consultant to Governor Muhammed A. Abubakar of Bauchi State, Sanusi Muhammad said the electorate in the present day Bauchi State are more enlightened and committed to good governance than those on a wild goose chase of giving wrong and mischievous impression of the M.A Abubakar’s efforts in repositioning the State.

Muhammad who spoke to journalists at the 2019 gubernatorial re-election campaign of Governor Muhammed A. Abubakar at Toro town of Toro local government area on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 said despite some disparaging and derogatory statements oozing out from political merchants against the M.A administration, the governor has continued to enjoy massive support and solidarity across the state over the years.

Muhammad said the governor’s ascension to power in 2015 was divinely orchestrated; therefore he has nothing to fear, especially from those who have ganged-up to deny him victory at the coming gubernatorial election and desperately dragging his hard-earned reputation and that of his administration in the mud for selfish interest.

“Some of those detractors have held various positions within the public and private sectors over the years; they should now be bold enough to come out and tell the people what they have done to improve the living standard of those people they claim to love better than what governor Muhammed A. Abubakar is presently doing”, he demanded.

Muhammad said anybody that is attempting to run down the APC led-government in Bauchi state through whatever means would definitely end up having complicated case of high blood pressure because such attempts are bound to fail going by the assiduous stewardship of the governor.

The consultant added that governor M.A Abubakar would continue to ensure that public funds get to the poor through the provision of infrastructure and social security for the benefit of all.

“Some people desperately want power by hook or by crook; I want to let them know that power comes from God. He bestows it on who He wants and nobody has the audacity to question His choice”.

He said the administration of Governor Muhammed Abubakar is working round the clock to create an enabling environment where sustainable peace, tranquility and economic growth would continue to flourish.

The consultant however warned mischief makers and their co-travelers to desist from those primitive and archaic opposition tactics that are capable of causing disaffection among the people.

He also appealed to politicians to avoid politics of rancor, acrimony, distortion of historical facts and hate that can cause breach of the peace and derail the democracy.    

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