Global Robot Parts Industry

Global Robot Parts is an international enterprise that specializes in providing worldwide spares for ABB Industrial Robots and other related products. Global Robot Parts shares the technical expertise and the up-to-date resources of ABB with worldwide users. The company is headquartered in Germany, having its main manufacturing facility in Hochheim. It also has a huge sales network all over the world.

Global Robot Parts

ABB was able to develop its own proprietary software from the start, which led to the creation of the “Abes robot” or “Workmate”…both are synonymous with high quality and reliability. In line with its continuing expansion, ABB aims to further strengthen its foothold on the market by improving the design of its products, while simultaneously improving its production efficiency. These efforts will definitely contribute towards increasing market share. A market survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan revealed that the development of robots in the industrial space has gained significant ground in the past decade, especially in Asia, where consumer demands for these automated systems have grown tremendously. The combined forces of superior design and advanced functionality will enable ABB to expand its market share in the coming years. As part of its expansion plan, ABB is looking at additional investments on Research and Development, as well as further acquisitions and partnerships.

Apart from being one of the biggest players in the global industrial space, ABB has also developed its own unique brand of robots for export in countries such as Japan, Korea and China. These robots are developed to meet the specific needs and requirements of these particular markets. One of the emerging trends in the industrial domain is automated welding, which is fast becoming popular in South Korea and Japan. These robots are designed to weld two different pieces of metal together, thus reducing the amount of human intervention that is required during the process.

One of the most interesting trends that we have observed over the last few years is the increasing number of units being sold each year to mid-size companies. This is attributed to the fact that the robots are much more efficient than the human engineers, which results in better accuracy and lower cost. In order to analyze the market size and forecast the direction for the market in the next few years, we recommend looking at both gross and net profit margins. If we were to apply our analysis skills, we can make a reasonable forecast for the next five years, even up to 20 years ahead!

With global tensions on the rise, the Korean market is also facing the risk of tougher competition. ABB has already started selling its industrial machines in Korea. The recent economic slowdown in the Korean economy has resulted in the retrenchment of many manufacturing companies and laid off thousands of workers. However, due to a severe lack of human resources in the country, the Korean market is starting to face a serious manpower crisis. This is the reason why we believe that robots will continue to emerge as the premier industrial technologies of the future. Korean ABB robots are already proving their mettle as they revolutionize the way industries are conducted today.

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