Zignsec ID makes online ID hassle free in the digital era

By providing several functional and adaptable methods for online identification, https://zignsec.com/ can aid in moving companies, businesses and institutions into the modern digital world. Since the platform is evolving constantly to provide increased robustness and functionality, its solutions allow for more focus on business and less time spent worrying about regulations. Its tools are easy to implement for any business.

The Zignsec mission in a nutshell

Zignsec is a company that works to offer creative and efficient solutions for companies who need to verify customer identity. By providing easy-to-use identification services and other products for getting companies running seamlessly in the digital world, the Zignsec platform is a great tool for companies to make ID verification quicker, safer and easier than ever.

The best part of it? The tools are made to be intuitive and simple to implement, leaving more time to do the actual work rather than fiddling with the tool itself. Zingsec’s tools are also always kept up to date with the latest regulations and standards.

Three areas of Zignsec expertise

  • Online ID verification; which allows self-identification by the customer as they simply scan and submit their own ID-card to the system. This process occurs in real time, and is completely automatic, which makes it very efficient. Even for companies that operate in various countries, the verification reads over 8,000 different types of documents, making it very versatile and easily implemented by companies around the world, including multinationals.
  • Electronic identities; since the need for online solutions is ever expanding, the Zignsec platform allows several electronic identities which are valid all over the world. This is becoming a more and more common form of identification, since many daily transactions now take place in the digital world. One example of an electronic ID is the Swedish Bank ID, used by around 90 % of the adult population.
  • Phone number validation; when a quick validation is needed, a SMS is not only a very efficient and simple solution, but also a safe two-factor identification. As the user logs on, a text message gets sent to the registered phone number. The code in the text message should be entered as verification code and voilà, the account has been verified.