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KYC (Know Your Customer) is a buzzword among financial service providers these days. The know your customer or Know your Client guidelines in banking take on greater importance, particularly as identity theft becomes a greater threat. The federal laws that have been enacted to address this threat have made KYC a mandatory part of these […]
By providing several functional and adaptable methods for online identification, can aid in moving companies, businesses and institutions into the modern digital world. Since the platform is evolving constantly to provide increased robustness and functionality, its solutions allow for more focus on business and less time spent worrying about regulations. Its tools are easy […]
Global Robot Parts is an international enterprise that specializes in providing worldwide spares for ABB Industrial Robots and other related products. Global Robot Parts shares the technical expertise and the up-to-date resources of ABB with worldwide users. The company is headquartered in Germany, having its main manufacturing facility in Hochheim. It also has a huge […]